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Quartz Hill vineyard is located in the heart of the Pyrenees region of central Victoria.

Low yielding vines planted on some of the world's oldest soils enjoy long, warm growing seasons with cooler summer nights.  This moderating effect is responsible for creating wines of exceptional concentration and intensity whilst retaining elegance and finesse.

All our vines are hand pruned, shoot and fruit thinned and hand harvested.  
Although not certified as biodynamic, we are following biodynamic growing principles and use biodynamic preparations on both vines and soils.

We do not use cover crops and instead rely on the natural grasses and straw mulching for water retention within the soil.

In 1995 the first PT23 shiraz vines were planted.  Subsequent plantings in 2001 of old Great Western and Best clones (St Ethel, St Peters, Imperial etc) add complexity to our shiraz offering.   Finally in 2003 the white Rhone variety Viognier was planted for blending options and to provide a straight white wine offering.